Our Mission

AGMA’s primary focus is on industry and public education, sharing and developing best practices to effectively hinder threats to intellectual property and render these activities more difficult, undesirable and unprofitable. AGMA’s role is to present members and the industry with strategic ideas for addressing key IP protection issues, and to introduce better controls or processes in mitigating threats to IP.

Membership in AGMA provides access to important programs, strategies and tools for combating gray marketing and counterfeiting of branded products, service and warranty fraud and protection of IP in a digital format.

AGMA White Papers

"Gray Markets:  An Evolving Concern" - 2016

"Winning the away game: Strategies to enhance compliance and business performance in
emerging markets" - 2015

"Identifying the Gaps: Channel Compliance Contract Practices" - 2014

"IT Industry Warranty and Service Abuse-STEALING PROFITABILITY!" - 2013

"When Channel Incentives Backfire" - 2011

"Service Blues" - 2010

"Effective Channel Management" - 2008

"Improved Point-of-Sale Reporting" - 2006

"Managing the Risks of Counterfeiting in the Information Technology Industry" - 2005

"The Gray Market" - 2002