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CRN: Vendors urged to clamp down on partner fraud

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ABC 7 News Video:

Warning About Online Gray Market Sales


IP Frontline:


IT Business Edge:

"China Remains Top Source of Counterfeit Tech Goods, Industry Group Says"


PC World: “Identity Theft Goes Corporate”


InformationWeek: “Operation 'Cisco Raider' Nets $76 Million In Fake Gear”


ChannelWeb/CRN: “Report: Warranty, Services Abuse Costs Vendors Billions Each Year”


Processor: “Avoid an Equipment Fake-Out”


Channel Insider: “American Power Conversion Joins AGMA”


BusinessWeek: “HP Gets Tough on Ink Counterfeiters”


ChannelPro: “Counterfeiting: Trust but Verify”


Computer World UK: “Keep Counterfeit Products Out of Your IT Shop”


The Wall Street Journal: “Tough Times for Independent IT Dealers”


The VAR Guy: “Deloitte & Touche, AGMA Battle Gray Market Technology Services”


The Seattle Times: “Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case About Costco Selling Omega Watches at Discount”


BusinessWeek: “Debunking Common Myths About Counterfeits”


BusinessWeek: “Fighting a Flood of Counterfeit tech Products”


Politico: “Study: Fake Military Parts on the Rise”


ChannelNomics: “Reports: Channel Incentive Programs Fall Short”


CRN: "Study: Channel Program Abuse Costs Vendors $1.4 Billion in Profit"


FedTech: “How to Avoid Counterfeit and Gray Market Products”


State Tech Magazine: “Ferreting Out Fakes”


WIRED: “China Stalls IP Reform at Its Own Peril”


CRN: “Channel Abuse Expanding into Digital IP”


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AGMA’s primary focus is on industry and public education, sharing and developing best practices to effectively hinder threats to intellectual property and render these activities more difficult, undesirable and unprofitable. AGMA’s role is to present members and the industry with strategic ideas for addressing key IP protection issues, and to introduce better controls or processes in mitigating threats to IP.

Membership in AGMA provides access to important programs, strategies and tools for combating gray marketing and counterfeiting of branded products, service and warranty fraud and protection of IP in a digital format.